North Texas is home to a dynamic life sciences community ripe with innovative, globally-competitive start-ups ready to advance regenerative medicine and transform the future of healthcare.


  • world-class medical schools and hospitals;

  • more than 450 biomedical companies;

  • and 1,110 research, development and testing laboratories.

But, what’s been missing is regional thought leadership that cultivates a collaborative environment to convene, support and accelerate the growth of these companies.


Advancing Life Science and Biotechnology Development 

The Medical Innovation Collaborative (MIC) exists to advance life science and biotechnology development by facilitating the translation of research into commercialized, breakthrough technologies that can take root in accessible, clinical practice.

Every day, researchers are making game-changing discoveries to improve the delivery and outcomes of patient care — improving quality of life, saving more lives. Join the MIC. Your support will help companies make those discoveries a reality.

Our Mission

The Medical Innovation Collaborative (MIC) exists to advance life science and biotechnology development by acting as a convener and supporter of strategic partnerships and collaborations in the North Texas life sciences ecosystem.

We connect and facilitate thought leadership between globally-competitive scale-up companies and talent, facilities and funding to improve the quality of patient care. We are committed to thoughtful programming and networking that provides essential resources early-stage companies need to commercialize breakthrough, research-based solutions.  


Whether you are a medical device, life sciences or Health IT early stage company seeking space and support to grow; a global company looking to engage with innovators and hire new talent; or investors researching which next big breakthrough in regenerative medicine to fund, the MIC is your resource to facilitate those meaningful connections within an ecosystem of members and strategic partnerships with industry, academia and government organizations.


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